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In a typical distributed IT infrastructure it can be difficult to accurately define and manage the interdependency of business services. If power supply from a set of servers is about to fail can it be precisely calculated which business service would be adversely affected? Can the overall effect on the business be predicted, as well as, an alternative business service be derived?

With BluEnt’s Infrastructure Management tools you can oversee and monitor systems performance across your business environment. Our Infrastructure Management solutions allow you to optimize and control your storage, server, middleware, hardware and networks so you can avoid problem and resolve issues before they adversely affect business services. Optimize your current IT infrastructure and plan for the future with BluEnt’s Infrastructure Management tools.

BluEnt seeks to:

  • Reduce wastage and duplication
  • Improve flexibility in a competitive, changing environment
  • Develop effective change management guidelines
  • Ensure standards and best practices are upheld
  • Increase free communication channels
  • Create inter dependence and operability between departments and organizations

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