System Orchestration

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The coordination, management and automation of systems and services are governed by system orchestration. Forming a specific type of workflow, it deals with the development of business services from business processes. It deals with non human activities. Leading companies in the insurance, healthcare, financial services, education, telecommunications, government and energy services industries have implemented BluEnt’s system orchestration and BPM solutions to manage their end-to-end business process lifecycles, delivering the capability to:

  • Rapidly model complex business processes spanning external and internal boundaries
  • Easily connect to applications that support the process
  • Create customized user work environments for easy navigation and task management
  • Orchestrate enterprise process execution, escalation and exception management through a secure, highly scalable process engine
  • Monitor and measure real-time process performance through a tightly integrated business reporting system
  • Optimize process performance through advanced technology that isolates process breakpoints and automatically determines changes

Prevent strategic business decisions regarding sharing of information, within and outside, being taken by technical issues. Implement the standards and the applications in both A2A and B2B that are right for your enterprise.

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