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Presentation is an essential component of design services, as it is the most effective way of communicating design intent. Without a good presentation package, even an extremely well-resolved design cannot be aptly comprehended. Diverse fields in architecture have distinct requirements and BluEnt endeavors to provide 2D presentation packages to suit all kinds of design aspirations. We provide a complete and comprehensive range of 2D drafting and presentation services that include site plan renderings, elevation renderings, site overlays and photo montage. BluEnt’s multi-platform expertise across all leading platforms in architectural practice helps in the delivery of reliable presentation packages which are rich in graphic content. Our presentation packages are prepared by architects, draftsmen and graphic designers who use the most up-to-date design, graphic and CAD skills to prepare 2D presentation packages. Even the most basic set of architectural drawings are made extraordinary at BluEnt through the use of presentation media and graphic content.

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