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Raster to Vector is a an accurate, coherent method used to convert mechanical or engineering drawings that exist in physical form (blueprints, plots of lost files, etc.) into highly digitized CAD files. Drawings are bulky, hard to carry and difficult to store. With the help of BluEnt’s digitized and accurate Raster to Vector method, your business can now easily organize, store and transport its drawings.

The Mechanical Engineering division at BluEnt offers accurate Raster to Vector conversion to leading organizations all over the world. The hallmark of our workflow is our project methodology. We pay heavy emphasis to the requirements of the end-user and develop a sample before the final process even begins. This process helps us gauge all your requirements and expectations, thus fine-tuning our workflow for the project. Stringent quality control processes ensure the production of accurate material within your project’s schedule. BluEnt’s Raster to Vector is the ideal tool for your digitizing projects.

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