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Asset management is a business process and a decision making framework that encapsulates an extended time horizon, drawn from economics as well as engineering. The asset management approach covers the economic evaluation of trade offs and helps organizations to make smart decisions on their investments. Asset management is critical in predictive the operations of the IT department as they directly influence the financial management processes of the organization. With a detailed view of their assets, organizations can optimize their inventory and can asset virtualization in an adroit way. Asset management focuses upon integrating technology, people and process in organizations to maximize asset reliability, asset utilization and service reliability using Information Technology.

Companies to manage their IT assets throughout their complete lifecycle, from procurement to disposal. We help our clients in the complete process from planning, delivering, managing and support the better utilization of their assets and helps in sustaining their business, minimize risk and maximize shareholder value. We help organizations to evaluate and maximize the value of various assets. We deliver leading-edge consulting and implementation services for IT Asset Management Solutions that ranges from inventory discovery services, product selection & implementation needs assessment – BluEnt ensures that your IT Asset Management investments return high value.

We help clients to:

Create an asset strategy

Create asset strategies that are driven from an organisation's mission and business goals.


Produce asset plans and policies that provide detailed frameworks for implementation of the asset strategy.

Evaluate and design

Appraise asset and asset management solutions to ensure that add maximum value at least costs.


Carry out procurement processes to ensure that acquisition and outsourcing maximize the potential of the asset strategy.


Operate assets more effectively through better information and processes.


Maintain assets to reduce cost and limit downtime.


Modify assets to reduce cost and limit downtime.


Make the best decisions on asset disposal integrating decisions into strategy, planning and procurement as appropriate.

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