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Now that you know what you know, how will you manage IT? In order to achieve high performance, effective information management is essential for any organization. However, your unstructured data is growing by the second, implication. Therefore, to solve the problems of unstructured data, many businesses are turning to BluEnt’s Content Management Systems (CMS). Our CMS, a part of core IT infrastructure, manages critical business information, documents, web content, and desktop content.

By choosing BluEnt’s CMS, you will find that even your non-technical staff will be able to easily and efficiently manage your Internet, Intranet and Extranet web sites. Our CMS is web-based and supported by Internet Explorer; therefore, no specialized software will be installed. Our CMS will support your web site, email hosting, and unlimited access to the site management tools. You will be able to put an unlimited number of pages, forms, and images on your site. In fact, you can even post PDF, Word, and other downloadable files; easily make password protected pages or areas on your web site; and much more with our uniquely designed CMS.

BluEnt’s CMS will help you meet your technology and business requirements by transforming the way you do business. BluEnt offers an integrated content management system for managing multiple content types that supports all industries, regardless of company size. For businesses that seeking higher performance, BluEnt’s CMS is your answer.

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