Sales Force Automation (SFA)

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Empower your sales team by increasing their customer reach. They can now complete customer and sales information no matter their location. Optimize sales operation to facilitate managers to review sales performance and predict future output- thus, creating winning ratios. Achieve absolute visibility into your sales team’s performance to develop guidelines for your team. SFA facilitates improvement of information flow within the organization, this in turn provides relevant and useful information to employees as and when they require it most.

BluEnt looks to bridge the divide between business functions and the expertise of IT. BluEnt’s solutions are tailor made according to business needs of individual organizations, catering to every unique requirement.

  • Manage customer and prospect information efficiently
  • Over see productivity and functioning and accurately forecast results
  • Ensure best practices are consistently followed
  • Improve communication an information flow
  • Improve transparency and flexibility of processes

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