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In the modern business age, outsourcing does not begin and end at the delegation of non core functions to an external entity specializing in the execution of that function. In the fast paced IT world, economic activities now run on the fuel of innovation and expertise. Outsourcing knowledge intensive and specialized processes is the new face of the global business model. Creating opportunities and improving quality of business offerings by creating a specialized industry comprising of specialists and experts in knowledge specific domains such as architecture, engineering, law and administration is what outsourcing is known for today.

Global delivery models facilitate sharing of knowledge and expertise among organizations working in similar domains. Outsourcing service providers are now working with you rather than for you.

Building Services

Established as one of the leading CAD service providers, BluEnt has developed a wide range of services over the last three decades. We offer CAD services that cater to architecture, engineering, manufacturing,

CAD Services

One of the fundamental problems that most CAD users face is the inter-conversion of various forms of CAD documents. This hinders productivity, efficiency and even reduces long-term financial benefits.

Engineering Services

Let technology make your work more simple. Engineering solutions assist engineers, architects and other design professionals complete their assignments in a timely

IT Services

By implementing IT services management solutions, your business can achieve a significant improvement on its asset use. IT services management focuses on integrating technology

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