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For three decades BluEnt Engineering provided a comprehensive range of 2D drafting services for its clients. Our familiarization with the latest 2D drafting technologies and exceptional drafting process has made us a leading player in drafting services industry-wide.

BluEnt has a team of highly competent professionals working under various domains with consistency and diligent quality control. You will find that the 2D drafting services provided by BluEnt are economical and competitive. Additionally, we offer services that are specifically tailored to your needs by keeping in constant touch with you from inception until delivery.

Raster To Vector

The Engineering division at BluEnt offers highly accurate and precise Raster to Vector conversions to leading organizations.

We offer conversions for:

  • Engineering Drawing
  • Product/Machine manuals
  • Machine Drawings
  • Electro-mechanical components
  • SPM's, and others

BluEnt provides services at competitive prices with great diligence and quality. We are at the forefront of technological progress in conversion services and have created a benchmark in this arena by virtue of our experience and expertise. Our resources are high skilled professionals with diverse experience from the industry. We pay heavy emphasis on continuous upgradation of skills through training and mentoring.

The hallmark of our workflow is our project methodology. We focus on the requirements of the end-user and develop a sample before we even begin the final process. This process helps us gauge your requirements and expectations and, thus fine-tunes our workflow. We follow stringent quality control processes that ensure accurate and timely Raster to vector conversion. Our state-of-the-art infrastructure and sound knowledge base helps to offer feasible solutions for any kind of requirement. We are a customer-centric organization that works with the objective of integrity, quality and complete customer satisfaction.

Conversion From Digital Format to File Formats

BluEnt offers accurate Vector to Image conversion services by virtue of its state-of-the-art infrastructure and employment of the latest technologies. 2D conversions are extremely useful for organizations that require old blueprints or handmade engineering drawings to be digitized. Paper drawings are very bulky to carry and prove to be difficult to store and preserve. We help organizations convert their paper drawings to Computer Aided Design (CAD e.g. AutoCAD) files and help them to save and organize this valuable design data. We offer complete Vector to Image conversion services at competitive prices with accuracy and value. We have the capacity and capability to capture old, smudged and dense information in accurate digital format. Our expert professionals perform your translations and customize the processing to match your standards and specific requirements. We utilize the latest technologies to deliver the most cost-effective services to our customers and can provide a quick, inexpensive method to get your drawings, aperture cards and documentation into any software package or information management system.

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