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Architecture and Design in today’s context has limitless boundaries. With technology reaching its peak, we now understand the need for specialized, requirement-based design solutions. At BluEnt, we aim to provide a variety of CAD services to suit a wide array of design and process requirements. Over the past three decades, BluEnt has established itself as a premium provider of CAD services for architecture, engineering, manufacturing, automotive, industrial design, household appliances, and many other industries. Supported by the latest infrastructural back-up and technology skills, BluEnt’s focus is on accuracy, quality and cost-effectiveness. Our expertise, hence, lies in revolutionizing the unique approach behind each project and transforming your brainchild into a reality.

BluEnt offers an extensive range of progressive and state-of-the-art CAD services for architectural design and detailing. Our project portfolio ranges from small residential homes to multi-storied and row housing schemes; from interior design projects to sports and commercial centers; from large scale real estate developments to industrial structures and even master plans for major development ventures. With diverse experience and skills, we at BluEnt can ensure a complete design solution for all of your project requirements, transforming your dream project into a vivid reality.

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