Remote Infrastructure Management

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Benefit from BluEnt’s vast experience in RIM solutions; leverage the expertise of specialists in Linux, Unix or Windows, ERP, Web administration, messaging and database administration and take advantage of our resource of best practices in RIM earned with years of experience. RIM solutions allow organizations to safeguard their investment and apply common policies to all systems with consistency. It facilitates faster reaction to change, maximizes operating treads and efficiencies irrespective of location and maintains consistency in operating standards.

BluEnt’s proven RIM methodology

  • Prompt detection of problem/errors and solving
  • Identify and fix potential problems before adverse effect on performance by analyzing the root cause
  • Automatically carry out clients’ pre-specified instructions to fix problems without human effort
  • Address high priority actions through automatic dispatch of on-site service providers

Services under RIM

  • Mainframe, midrange and server production operations
  • Mainframe, midrange and server technical services
  • Desktop and distributed production operations
  • Network operations and monitoring
  • Network engineering
  • E-commerce and collaborative computing
  • Infrastructure security
  • Asset management
  • Service delivery management
  • Project management

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