3D Modeling And Product Design

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Boost your business through modeling solutions and turn your ideas into reality. 3D modeling gives you a jumpstart in introducing your products and services into the market in the early phase and can be used to demonstrate your complicated ideas, concepts, and inter-relationships. BluEnt’s 3D modeling services are an excellent way to give wings to your design ideas that are still in the nascent stages. We help to foresee and experience your vision before any major investment is made in the project.

BluEnt offers world class 3D modeling services for all of your design needs. Whether you are looking for high quality rendering or want to visualize your product in 3D, we are experts at meeting your design needs. Recognizing the importance of remaining at the forefront of technology, BluEnt provides products and services that will consistently exceed your expectations.

Animation of Mechanical Assemblies

Innovative Ideas. Innovative Solutions.

BluEnt offers 3D animation of mechanical assemblies, product assembly instructions and creating animations for technical equipments. The application of animation in mechanical assemblies during the concept stage facilitates in sorting out complex challenges during the early stages of development. BluEnt help users to gain an in-depth understanding of how assemblies, sub-assemblies and components function and fit together through animations and interactive 3D models that result in improving customer satisfaction, reduced service calls and increased repeat business.

BluEnt’s 3D solutions allow users to have complete command over their animations and benefit from the reduction of breakage, fewer product returns and exchanges due to improper assembly. We utilize the parametric top-down assembly design approach that makes design changes relatively simple and quick to implement in the later stage of the product life cycle. This approach gives more flexibility during the design process and gets you the results you desire.

Rendering of 3D Models

BluEnt’s 3D modeling services are an excellent way to give life to your design ideas. Rendering is used in 3D models for preparing high quality images through lighting, shading, surface texture, shadow and reflection. We offer high quality renderings and graphic design for all facets of the engineering industry. Our services portfolio includes the following:

  • realistic photo renderings,
  • analytical rendering,
  • lighting study rendering,
  • virtual panorama,
  • walkthroughs,
  • movie renderings,
  • fly-by animations, and
  • taking output to various movie formats i.e. AVI, MPEG, Real-time, etc.

The presence of state-of-the art level protection through Firewall, eScan Antivirus systems and inbuilt redundancies ensure 100% uptime of services. Our team of dedicated, dynamic professionals is committed to providing superior renderings and animations that are customized to meet your specific needs.

3D Models for Sheet Metals Components

The application of 3D models in Sheet Metal Components offers a fast and flexible approach for defining and visualizing fabrication attributes, thus making it easy to produce accurate flat patterns that conform to your machining standards. BluEnt can convert your 2D sheet metal components into 3D, resulting in such benefits as the ability to unbend, create surface development, blank size development, process planning and making form tools and punches. BluEnt provides the highest quality services from a single source, ensuring total control, competitive pricing and complete customer satisfaction all within a single operation.

Assemblies Using 3D Models, Detailing And Automated Bom Generation

Typically, many individual 3D models are used by an enterprise in order to form a single complex assembly. BluEnt Engineering can help you visualize your final product before it even comes to fruition. We can help you achieve accurate, working assembly models through interference checks that resolve your most complicated issues by identifying critical design flaws.

Value Enginering

Value Engineering is an efficient method that will improve the value of your goods and services by using an examination of FUNCTION. Value is the ratio of Function to Cost; therefore, either improving function or reducing costs can increase value, all without sacrificing quality. Value Engineering also plays an integral role in reducing the costs by eliminating wasteful practices. Through a systematic methodology, BluEnt will analyze your unnecessary parts and production operations, resulting in lowering your business costs and increasing manufacturability, reliability, and profits.

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