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Building Services- Introduction to Architecture and CAD Conversions

Established as one of the leading CAD service providers, BluEnt has developed a wide range of services over the last three decades. We offer CAD services that cater to architecture, engineering, manufacturing, automotive, industrial design, and many other allied industries. Accuracy, sound technical knowledge and a potent infrastructural background have aided us in delivering high quality, cost-effective services to our clients. From design development, to the production of drawings to facilitate the production of the end-product, BluEnt is your partner for all your CAD services.

CAD Conversion – Introduction of the cad conversion sub-services

One of the fundamental problems that most CAD users face is the inter-conversion of various forms of CAD documents. This hinders productivity, efficiency and even reduces long-term financial benefits. CAD conversion is a simple, accurate method to convert architectural, mechanical, or engineering drawings that exist in physical form (blueprints, plots of lost files, sketches etc.) into automated files. Additionally, our CAD services help you eliminate bulky paper drawings, which are difficult to carry, and tedious to store and preserve, thus optimizing storage of your product.

BluEnt’s CAD services can help you:

  • Reproduce poor drawings to superior quality
  • Convert raster format drawings to perfect CAD geometry
  • Digitize scanned drawings/diagrams/ sketches into accurate CAD format drawings (DWG, DGN or any other format)

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