Reverse Engineering

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Getting back to basics. Reverse engineering is the process of discovering the technological principles of an application through analysis of its structure, function and operation. BluEnt’s team of engineers, domain experts and specialists can deliver value and reliable customer service for your specific requirements. We have comprehensive capabilities and proven expertise that can accurately evaluate all critical characteristics of obsolete components and provide a direct replacement that is enhanced in form, fit and function.

Our multi-disciplinary capabilities and on-site state-of-the-art centers provide a "one-stop shop" for your engineering and testing needs. We have fulltime experts on staff along with alliances in varied fields that enable us to evaluate all aspects of an original component design. Our domain experts analyze and measure the specific product and provide the best available, similar product or component. We employ a Co-ordinate Measuring Machine (CMM), scanners, profile projector, micrometers according to the level of measurement and accuracy required. Our pool of skilled engineers understand the specific product design needs while providing reverse engineering solutions that are focused on design automation. Our years of competencies in CAD/CAM/CAE solutions and software will help you leverage our high capabilities in providing end-to-end design solutions

White Light Scanning

  • Refining point clouds and quickly filling in gaps;
  • Creating precise surfaces automatically from scanned point cloud data;
  • Working with flexible facet modeling tools and the ability to impose limitless design modifications;
  • Increasing your organization’s accessibility to discontinued or hard-to-find designs; and
  • Increasing market responsiveness by efficiently allowing mass customization from a single design

High End Surfacing

High end surface design solutions can help you quickly produce and modify conceptual models of product ideas. With an emphasis on eye-catching surfaces, these solutions can help you easily express design intent. In addition, the models offer high-quality surfaces that can be used to streamline the manufacturing process. BluEnt has extensive experience applying surface modeling techniques to the design of various components to create products that look better and sell better.

Contract Manufacturing

BluEnt offers the most innovative Contract Manufacturing Solutions (ECMS) and Services to meet the needs of our customers. Our highly skilled teams have the expertise required to manufacture the most demanding mix of product requirements. We possess the necessary skills and relevant electronic testing and measuring equipments to carry out all designing and prototyping.

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