24 Oct 2017

Here’s How You Can Use Your Mobile App to Leverage Big Data in Sales and Marketing

This blog has been updated on - February 06, 2024

Big data plays an immense role in business sales and marketing. The introduction to big data opens doors for enterprise success. If you have the right information at your fingertips, you can make more informed and data-driven decisions.

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With mobility taking center stage for most marketing strategies for businesses, it is time to leverage big data analytics & insights to get the most out of your mobile application. More and more businesses are combining the power of big data and mobile apps to create an invincible brand image for their business. The applications of data analytics are innumerable.

Relationship Between Big Data and Mobility

Mobility and Big Data are mutual growth proponents. The advent of mobile applications has fostered a steep incline in digital data both variety and volume-wise. In turn, the data generates a lot of analytics to help know customers and sales patterns better. What helps the most in this aspect is the ecommerce analytics that analyzes the data and provides useful insights.

Why is the Big Data Trajectory More Suited for Mobility on the Go?

By its very nature, mobility is meant to be anytime and anywhere. This, in turn, helps businesses gain useful insights into consumer behavior, consumption patterns, and other relevant data. The diversified trail of data makes mobile applications more than capable of providing actionable insights for creating marketing campaigns with the aim of enticing potential customers. Most mobile applications keep gathering data even when it is not being used. This makes them more valuable for big data analytics.

Where Does the Data Go?

Most data is utilized to give personalized user experiences and drive mobile traffic, lead generation and conversion, and user engagement. In fact, mobile application marketing is becoming increasingly dependent on actionable statistics, making big data indispensable. There's a lot that you can do with the numbers you get. You can drive location-based marketing and advertising. Targeted marketing enabled with real-time notifications can drive better traction to your business. No more of those 'one-size-fits-all' marketing gimmicks. Give your customers what they want, where they want, when they want. Big data analytics can incredibly boost your business profits if done right.

Step Up Your Game With Real-time Analytics

Big data is capable of allowing real-time analytics. In turn, modern mobile marketers can benefit from insight-rich data to serve customers better and market with an impact in real-time. With live analytics, businesses can make decisions on the spot and immediately respond to changes in marketing strategies. What is working and what will not work for your target audience – with real-time analytics, the projections are more predictable.

Real Time Analytics

Thanks to Big Data, businesses can now adjust to improvising midway through the marketing of any campaign to deliver maximum results.

Marketing Areas Most Affected by Big Data

According to a report from Forbes, Customer Analytics comprises 48% of Big Data use cases. This statistic is of particular importance, for nearly half of the total data generated is already being utilized by businesses to provide better customer services. This is only likely to grow soon. 21% of the use cases are utilized for overcoming operational challenges and compliance. Enterprise Data Warehouse optimization use cases are around 10%, with another 10% for New Service and Product Innovation. The report further iterates that a growing number of businesses are gradually increasing their dependence on Big Data to provide better services.

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How to Use Big Data for Marketing?

Following a cross-disciplinary approach

A data-driven approach needs to be a collaboration and mutual effort of multiple teams and several team members.

Don't follow numbers; follow your KPIs

A successful Big Data strategy gives you insights. It is up to you to put actionable sense into them. Instead of focusing blindly on what numbers say, it is better to observe. Understand insights between the lines rather than following numerical values. Keep your buyer personas in mind and evaluate them with data-based insights as your driving parameter. If required, add more details about its characteristics. This will enable you to assess what works and where there is scope for improvement. There are several types of data analytics that can help improve your business.

Usage of big data for marketing


A staggering 44% of all businesses are already playing around with Big Data technology to make their marketing efforts more responsive and consumer-driven. With mobile technologies taking center stage for all marketing initiatives, it is imperative for businesses to incorporate Big Data into their mobile apps. Data-driven marketing is the future of tomorrow, and it is already here.

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