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Business Process Management

Business Process Management (BPM) is a field of knowledge at the intersection between management and information technology.

BPM covers methods used by organizations to manage and improve business operations. It develops techniques and tools to design, control and analyze business operations and processes.

As a subset of infrastructure management, business process management’s aim is to make an organization more efficient and adaptive to change. Every organization has unique business processes that define it.

Business process management involves the automation and coordination of numerous tasks and assets, which can be internal or external.

BluEnt offers enterprise-scale BPM solutions:

  • Automates routine tasks

  • Handles challenges of coordination and arrangement of people and assets across organizational and geographical boundaries

  • Allows business and IT teams to share, coordinate and work together on the development, design and management of end-to-end business processes

Our BPM solutions streamline your business by connecting internal and external resources, processes and functions, and different systems.

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Business Activity Monitoring

Detect errors, identify lucrative opportunities, and make intelligent decisions with Business Activity Monitoring (BAM).

Even trivial errors can lead to undesirable results. That is why it is essential to the success of any organization to make better-informed decisions, quickly identifying errors and re-position the organization to leverage emerging opportunities.

The goal of Business Activity Monitoring is to provide comprehensive and useful information regarding various operations, processes and activities.

BluEnt’s BAM solutions can help:

  • Save costs – Avoid losses due to untimely deliveries, detect theft, loss or inconsistencies almost instantly and monitor sales in real time

  • Better allocate resources – Gives clarity to individuals involved in processes and helps compare results with respect to indicators during specified periods of time

  • Improve reactivity

  • Monitor intelligently and efficiently by filtering information

  • Monitor multiple sites irrespective of geographical limitations

BAM helps forecast stock prices, fuel prices, and even outcomes of political events, to determine how specific changes would affect the method of managing a business. It gives managers the ability to achieve daily, even hourly, strategic business goals.

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Event Based Management

Shift business objectives to become flexible, adaptable and precise while improving business operations.

Emerging activities and convergence of technologies require middleware platforms, which need proactive event notification. A paradigm shift from specific applications to event-based applications can be seen as a general architecture shift.

However, the objectives behind this shift remain the same – reduce time to market and increase adaptability to customer and market needs. This requires a flexibility that traditional software architecture cannot necessarily provide.

Providing tailored services is BluEnt’s focus. Our tools are developed keeping in mind the requirements of every client.

Businesses are looking to improve processes with their existing value chain. Operations and information flow have to be automated so that managers and other employees can coordinate and communicate irrespective of geographical distance and without any incremental costs.

BluEnt’s benefits include:

  • Solutions based on the latest innovations

  • Efficient follow up strategies

  • Customized solutions to suit every requirement of your business

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Human Workflow Management

The management of work processes, such as processing of forms and project management, using a computer network and electronic messaging as a base.

To stay ahead of competition, enterprises must maximize customer and employee satisfaction, reduce costs, and develop new services and products.

Human Workflow Management (HWM) automates your businesses’ most challenging processes by defining:

  • How tasks are structured

  • Who performs them

  • How they are synchronized

  • What their relative order is

  • How information flows to support the tasks

  • How tasks are being tracked

BluEnt provides seamless Human Workflow Management solutions to optimize transactions by automating trading relationships with partners, regardless of their size or technical resources.

We customize each solution to optimize the way your business runs. The design of our solution is a natural evolution and integration of our experience with image management systems, document management systems and relational & object database systems.

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System Orchestration

The automation, coordination, and management of systems and services are governed by system orchestration. These deal primarily with non-human activities.

Leading companies in the insurance, healthcare, financial services, education, telecommunications, government and energy industries have implemented BluEnt’s system orchestration solutions to manage their end-to-end business process lifecycles.

This includes the following abilities:

  • Rapidly model complex business processes spanning external and internal boundaries

  • Easily connect to applications that support the process

  • Create customized user work environments for easy navigation and task management

  • Orchestrate enterprise process execution, escalation and exception management through a secure, highly scalable process engine

  • Monitor and measure real-time process performance through a tightly integrated business reporting system

  • Optimize process performance through advanced technology that isolates process breakpoints and automatically determines changes

Implement the standards and the apps in both application to application (A2A) and business to business (B2B) that are right for your enterprise.

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Management Consulting

Implement new strategies, designed for your business enterprise after careful study of industry shifts, market trends, past performance and existing tasks.

Management consulting involves a complete analysis of industry and existing business problems, and developing future plans for more efficient and profitable performance.

BluEnt helps organizations make informed decisions and improve business operations, techniques and processes all over the world.

Our methodology includes:

  • Developing techniques and frameworks to identify problems

  • Analyzing trends and existing tasks

  • Detailing more efficient methods providing results such as greater profits, reduced wastage and errors

  • Improved performance

BluEnt’s focus is on providing a better set of business processes that will achieve your business’s objectives and goals.

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Program Management Office (PMO)

Project portfolio management is the new demand management. The goal of PMO is to be able to match enterprise resources with the demand that is created during normal course of business.

Empowering enterprises to understand the amount of resources required for 1 month, 3 months or even 1 year will give your management the reassurance that their budgets will not be pinched.

This can mean the difference of 1 full-time equivalent (FTE) or 100 FTEs. Let BluEnt deliver to you a program management solution that will provide efficiency.

Experienced professionals and proven products are critical when implementing a program & project management solution.

BluEnt’s certified architects and PMO consultants work directly with you to assess, design, configure and deploy a solution that effectively manages your portfolios, demands, projects, resources, finances, risks and controls.

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