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Customer Relationship Management

BluEnt redefines success for customer relationship management (CRM), including sales force automation, partner relationship management, marketing, and customer service.

Customers are the driving force behind business innovations. Hence, companies are looking to Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solutions to maximize returns at all levels of their e-business network.

CRM creates a comprehensive picture of customer needs, behaviors and expectations by analyzing information from customer transactions. It improves the effectiveness of your marketing activities, maximizes resource efficiencies, empowers marketers to develop long-term customer relationships, and turns the Internet into a profitable sales and interaction channel.

BluEnt’s CRM solutions can help your company address all four phases of the customer interaction life cycle: customer engagement, business transactions, order fulfillment, and customer service.

Our CRM solutions automate your business processes and streamline your value chain by reducing costs.

Achieving success with CRM requires planning, implementation, reinforcement, and optimization of the best practices. BluEnt’s provides these services in a coordinated manner with our partners.

Analytical CRM

Analyze customer behavior, derive inferences from past performance and strengthen customer relations.

Analytical CRM forms the development concept of your CRM strategy. BluEnt helps you to not only set up strategies to efficiently manage and automate customer interactions, but also to analyze this data, uncover performance from past relationships, discover trends in customer behavior, and develop strategies.

Analyzing customer behavior is imperative for continued success, and BluEnt helps you achieve the following:

  • Acquiring new and more profitable customers

  • Strengthening foundations with existing customers by targeting strategic resources

  • Recognizing upselling or cross-selling and making the right offers and opportunities

  • Deepening customer relations

Collaborative CRM

Streamline customer information, as well as sales, services and marketing processes.

Being well informed is key to making intelligent business decisions. Ensure that your team makes such decisions with collaborative CRM. Keep information free flowing so that your various departments can use it effectively.

As part of your CRM strategy, BluEnt will create a framework for your organization that will streamline processes so your sales, services and marketing team are provided up-to-date and relevant customer information at all times. Additionally, we will help improve the traceability of customer interaction organization-wide. Establishing quality customer relationships, reducing overheads and extending your CRM platform are some added advantages.

BluEnt’s focus is to help you transform your organization into a proactive CRM environment. Our solutions improve the quality of information in the organization, which directly translates to better customer service and improved customer loyalty.

Operational CRM

Link operations effortlessly, streamline events and improve processes with a complete operational CRM strategy.

Operational CRM forms a technical tool that provides the automation of policies and strategies of managing and interacting with customers. Operational CRM enable sales force, marketing and customer care applications. It is ideal for the pharmaceutical industry, for improving front desk operations.

BluEnt’s Operational CRM solutions facilitate complete access to customer information providing direct support for needs of people engaging customers on a regular basis. We execute your CRM strategy with operational CRM linking back office and front office activities. Let us help you streamline processes by implementing a flawless series of end-to-end activities supported by different data sources.

Customized to your requirements, our CRM solutions help you better profile customers. Benefit from our experience and strategic partnerships with vendors!

Customer Service and Support (CSS)

Gain a competitive advantage by providing employees a better way of utilizing resources.

Do you have a help desk or a service desk? This question can drive the attitude of your organization. Delivering services leads to higher maturity and better customer satisfaction.

Consolidating multiple divisions, regions and departments will leverage the Corporate Knowledge Base and enhance your employees’ experience. The service desk is an integral part of being an employee.

Enterprise Marketing Automation (EMA)

Understand and analyze customer perception of your organization with EMA. Marketing is about getting business to come to you. Developing marketing campaigns that capture your audience’s needs and wants and turns them into potential customers is a rapidly changing method.

Having a marketing message aligned with your products and services will drive improved customer acquisition and retention.

Technology moves fast. For example, click through advertising can immediately identify your customer demographics and allow you to tailor your marketing campaigns on the fly. BluEnt will give you a cutting-edge process that enhances your marketing efforts.

Sales Force Automation (SFA)

Monitor your sales team to ensure visibility and effective performance.

Empower your sales team by increasing their customer reach. They will be able to complete customer and sales information no matter their location. Optimize sales operation to allow managers to better review sales performance and predict future output, creating winning ratios.

Achieve absolute visibility into your sales team’s performance to develop guidelines for your team. SFA facilitates improvement of information flow within your organization. This in turn provides relevant and useful information to employees as and when they require it.

BluEnt bridges the divide between business functions and IT expertise. Our solutions are tailor made according to the business needs of individual organizations, and cater to every unique requirement.

  • Manage customer and prospect information efficiently

  • Oversee productivity and functioning and accurately forecast results

  • Ensure best practices are consistently followed

  • Improve communication and information flow

  • Improve transparency and flexibility of processes

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