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Helpdesk Solutions

A helpdesk (or help desk) is an information and assistance resource that troubleshoots problems with IT and related products. It provides users with a central point to receive help with various IT issues.

Never again will you have to conquer your IT problems alone. Many of today’s global businesses depend on helpdesk services to provide enterprise-wide visibility and control over essential operational processes.

Helpdesk services provide your business with:

  • The ability to understand and control IT costs

  • The skill to plan and decrease business expansion costs

  • Better overall IT service quality and end-user productivity

  • The capability to focus on strategic business decisions

BluEnt validates the current state of your helpdesk system, assesses its impact on your business, and then recommends a unique support solution. Our services will help even the most inexperienced IT users solve problems efficiently.

We deliver end-user support through:

  • 24/7 customer service and technical support

  • Comprehensive IT resource management

  • On-site user support to supplement an internal helpdesk

  • Specialized customer support

Incident Management

Incident management refers to the activities of an organization to identify, analyze and correct problems or troubles.

For instance, a fire in a factory would be a risk that was realized, or an incident that happened. An Incident Response Team (IRT) or an Incident Management Team (IMT), designated for the task beforehand or on the spot, would then manage the organization through the incident.

A specific example would be computer incident management, which is most often handled by a computer incident response team (CIRT).

E.g., When an organization discovers that an intruder has gained unauthorized access to a computer system, the CIRT team would analyze the situation, determine the breadth of the compromise, and take corrective action. Computer forensics is one task included in this process.

Usually as part of the wider management process in private organizations, incident management is followed by post-incident analysis, wherein it is determined why the incident happened despite precautions and controls.

This information is then used as feedback to further develop the security policy and/or its practical implementation.

Regulatory Compliance

Sound advice and comprehensive solutions to ensure compliance with relevant regulations, every step of the way.

Regulatory compliance refers to systems within an organization that ensure that personnel and departments are adhering to relevant laws, rules and regulations. Since regulatory actions impact business operations, they are areas of major concern amongst management.

Efforts in regulatory compliance must be backed by sufficient IT solutions and sound technical advice. This is where BluEnt steps in to help you out.

Dispel confusion regarding compliance issues, including what is necessary to comply with them, with BluEnt’s expertise and experience backing you all the way.

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