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Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL)

BluEnt’s business solutions help you unify the three critical components of ITIL — people, process and technology — towards the common goal of any ITIL implementation: IT service excellence.

To better manage your business, you need more than traditional IT management tools that focus on monitoring only certain types of IT resources.

To get increasing service management costs under control, businesses need a set of integrated, out-of-the-box, multi-customer IT service management (ITSM) applications. These should be architected with functionality and scalability for their unique business and technical needs.

The Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) has become the de facto standard in IT service management. ITIL, with its emphasis on standardizing IT processes and building a common language, helps you better manage and optimize the cost and quality of IT services.

ITIL defines a framework for IT service management. It consists of a set of guidelines, based on industry best practices that specify what an IT organization should do. With ITIL, it’s up to the IT staff to flesh out the details of process flow and create detailed work instructions in a way that makes sense for their organization.

BluEnt’s business solutions for IT Deparments or IT service providers can help your IT organization optimize the services it delivers to your business.

IT service management applications for the enterprise help implement ITIL best practices straight out of the box. It supports the ITIL best practices described in incident and problem management, change management, configuration management, service level management, and availability management.

BluEnt Services

  • Incident Management

  • Problem Management

  • Configuration Management

  • Change Management

  • Release Management

  • Service Delivery

  • Service Level Management

  • Capacity Management

  • Continuity Management

  • Availability Management

  • Financial Management

  • Security Management

BluEnt Customized Solutions:

  • ITIL Assessments

  • Change and Configuration Assessments

  • Asset and Configuration Management Database Assessments

  • Incident and Problem Assessment

  • Project and Program Portfolio Management

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Infrastructure Management

In a typical distributed IT infrastructure, it can be difficult to define and manage the interdependency of business services.

If power supply from a set of servers is about to fail, can one precisely calculate the business service that is going to be affected? Can the overall effect on the business be predicted, as well as an alternative business service derived?

With BluEnt’s infrastructure management tools, you can oversee and monitor system performance across your business environment. They allow you to optimize and control your storage, server, middleware, hardware and networks so you can avoid problems and resolve issues before they adversely affect your business services.

BluEnt seeks to:

  • Reduce waste and duplication

  • Improve flexibility

  • Develop effective change management guidelines

  • Ensure that standards and best practices are upheld

  • Increase free communication channels

  • Create interdependence and operability between departments and organizations

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Security Management

Our security management products will enable you to:

  • Protect your critical IT assets

  • Achieve sustainable regulatory compliance

  • Reduce IT administration costs

  • Create new business opportunities

In network management, security management entails the set of functions that:

  • Protects telecommunications networks and systems from unauthorized access by persons, acts, or influences

  • Includes sub-functions such as

    • Creating, deleting, and controlling security services and mechanisms

    • Distributing security-relevant information

    • Reporting security-relevant events

    • Controlling the distribution of cryptographic keying material

    • Authorizing subscriber access, rights, and privileges

In a more general management context, security management entails the identification of an organization’s information assets and the development, documentation and implementation of policies, standards, procedures and guidelines.

Management tools such as information classification, risk assessment and risk analysis are used to identify threats, classify assets and rate system vulnerabilities so that effective controls can be implemented.

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Service Management

IT tools help reduce service costs and time to market, and improve customer satisfaction.

The new wave in the IT industry has led to more and more IT practitioners having business-related skills and experience to complement their technical expertise. The focus of the industry is increasingly shifting to how IT can facilitate business growth and development.

BluEnt’s service management solutions go beyond traditional IT service management to facilitate better business administration and efficient value chain.

Our service management tools ensure that required services are delivered as and when they are supposed to be delivered.

BluEnt’s service management methodology:

  • Requirements of business services are analyzed and broken into components

  • These components are generalized to facilitate re-use over various services

  • Therefore, creating a new business service requires only linking the necessary components, enabling faster time to market, more control and less risk

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Asset Management

Asset management is a business process and decision-making framework that encapsulates an extended time horizon, drawn from economics as well as engineering.

The asset management approach covers the economic evaluation of trade offs and helps organizations to make smart decisions about their investments. Asset management is critical in predicting the operations of the IT department as they directly influence the financial management processes of the organization.

With a detailed view of their assets, organizations can optimize their inventory and asset virtualization. Asset management focuses on integrating technology, people and processes in organizations to maximize asset reliability, asset utilization and service reliability using IT.

We help our clients in the complete process, from planning, delivering, managing and supporting the better utilization of their assets. This helps in sustaining their business, minimizing risk and maximizing shareholder value.

We help organizations to evaluate and maximize the value of various assets. We deliver leading edge consulting and implementation services for IT asset management solutions that ranges from inventory discovery services, product selection & implementation needs assessment.

BluEnt ensures that your IT asset management investments return high value.

We help clients to:


Create an Asset Strategy

Create asset strategies that are driven by an organization’s mission and business goals.


Produce asset plans and policies that provide detailed frameworks for implementation of the asset strategy.

Evaluate and Design

Appraise asset and asset management solutions that add maximum value at the lowest costs.


Carry out procurement processes to ensure that acquisition and outsourcing maximize the potential of the asset strategy.


Operate assets more effectively through better information and processes.


Maintain assets to reduce costs and limit downtime.


Modify assets to reduce costs and limit downtime.


Make the best decisions on asset disposal, integrating decisions into strategy, planning and procurement.

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