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Health & Life Science

The healthcare industry requires solutions providing real-time advantages in the face of rising challenges.

Health is the level of functional and/or metabolic efficiency of an organism at both the micro (cellular) and macro (social) level.

In the medical field, health is commonly defined as an organism’s ability to efficiently respond to challenges (stressors) and effectively restore and sustain a “state of balance,” known as homeostasis.

Another widely accepted definition of health is that of the World Health Organization (WHO). It states that “health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity”.

In more recent years, this statement has been modified to include the ability to lead a “socially and economically productive life.”

The WHO definition is not without criticism, as some argue that health cannot be defined as a state at all, but must be seen as a process of continuous adjustment to the changing demands of living and of the changing meanings we give to life.

The WHO definition is therefore considered by many as an idealistic goal rather than a realistic proposition.


Monitor growth, improve decision-making strategies and empower communication channels.

A government is a body that has the authority to make and the power to enforce laws within a civil, corporate, religious, academic, or other organization or group. In its broadest sense, “to govern” means to administer or supervise, whether over a state, a set group of people, or a collection of assets.

The word government is ultimately derived from the Greek “κυβερνᾶν” (“kybernan”), which means “to steer” or “to control” and the Latin “mente” which means “mind”. Typically, “the government” refers to the executive function of the state.

In many countries (particularly those with parliamentary systems), the government refers to the executive branch of government or a specifically named executive, such as the Blair government. (Compare to an administration as in the Bush administration in US usage).

In countries using the Westminster system, the party in government will also usually control the legislature.


Drive efficiencies and productivity throughout your economic infrastructure.

Speed and process are vital to financial organizations’ operations, but companies must also deliver new or improved products and services. Metrics are derived from customer acquisitions and growth activities.

BluEnt’s financial solutions can help you manage your information and drive efficiencies throughout your economic complex.

Let us help you minimize risk while freeing up resources to concentrate on business-critical matters.


Retailing is an integral part of your marketing strategy and requires sound domain knowledge and intelligent decision-making.

It consists of the sale of goods or merchandise for personal or household consumption.

In commerce, a retailer buys goods or products in large quantities from manufacturers or importers, either directly or through a wholesaler, and then sells individual items or small quantities to the general public or end-user customers.

Retailers are at the end of the supply chain. Marketers see retailing as part of their distribution strategy.


Solutions to improve the standards of education the world over. Solutions to secure our future.

The philosophy of education concerns the purpose, nature and content of education.

Related topics include knowledge itself, the nature of the knowing mind and the human subject, problems of authority, and the relationship between education and society.

  • The enterprise of civil society depends on educating young people to become responsible and thoughtful citizens. This is a challenging task requiring a thorough understanding of ethical principles, political theory, aesthetics, and economics, not to mention an understanding of who children are, in themselves and in society.

  • Progress in every practical field depends on having skills that schooling can provide. Education is thus a means to foster the individual’s, society’s, and even humanity’s future development and prosperity. Emphasis is often put on economic success in this regard.

  • One’s individual development and the capacity to fulfill one’s own purposes can depend on an adequate preparation in childhood. Education can thus attempt to lay a firm foundation for personal fulfillment.

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