18 Jun 2024

Dell Boomi Integration Platform: Fully Explained

Modern-day enterprises tend to grapple with the challenges and complexities of integrating new applications with on-premises or cloud-based systems. Boomi software or Dell Boomi AtomSphere, as it was previously known, is a wonderful iPaaS (integration-as-a-platform service) that enables developers to integrate applications using a simple drag-and-drop interface.

In this blog, we understand all about Boomi iPaaS, how it works, its features and benefits. We also look at how it empowers a company in its digital transformation journey.

What does a Boomi Architecture look like?

Dell Boomi Integration has a top-notch and adaptable architecture. A runtime that updates itself called “atom” is the foundation of the Boomi architecture. Atoms can be cloud-hosted and completely managed and scaled. They are also self-managed and hosted by the client.

If the client has requirements of both in-premise and on-cloud, a hybrid approach of atoms can be used. The Boomi "AtomSphere" is the collected control plane cloud-based web portal which is responsible for updating integrations.

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What Are the Main Boomi Integration Services?

Boomi has a diverse set of services. Let's talk about them briefly here;


Boomi's integration feature is one of its main service offerings. It's iPaaS platform is used to integrate data and platforms.

Master Data Hub

MDH or Master Data Hub is a service that synchronizes master data through what are called "golden records".

API Management

API management feature of the Dell Boomi AtomSphere is an offering that publishes and manages APIs.

Boomi AI

This particular service of Boomi, although not yet released, creates compelling integrations with the help of generative AI.

Why Companies Choose Boomi Integration?

Corporations have a lot of options when it comes to selecting an integration platform. However, Boomi software has a diverse set of features that set it apart from other competitors.

Vast Extent of Features

Boomi is known for its extensive set of integration capabilities. It caters to literally any integration scenario, such as application, data, API, etc.

Thriving Ecosystem

Boomi has a thriving ecosystem and community of users and partners. They can freely access connectors, templates and other integration products through a marketplace it provides.

State-Of-the-Art Training

Boomi is second to none in the integration platforms arena. It provides exhaustive training courses and certifications using its Boomi university portal, that too, free of charge.

Licensing Model

Last but not least, Boomi integration platform has an envy-worthy licensing model. It is one of the most deterministic licensing models out there which means a client can easily calculate how much the platform is going to cost beforehand.

Comparison With MuleSoft

When it comes to iPaaS (integration platform as a service), both Boomi and MuleSoft have been named by Gartner as top leading choices. Considering that BluEnt offers both, we thought we'd give you an understanding of what would suit you the best.

Both Boomi and MuleSoft are two heavyweights of the game when it comes to cloud-based integration. Both platforms aim to streamline the data flow, but they each have certain features and functionalities of their own.

With a user-friendly drag-and-drop interface and offering a low-code integration approach, Boomi works great for small and medium-sized businesses. With an extensive range of pre-built connectors and templates, Boomi clearly packs a punch.

On the other hand, MuleSoft is designed for larger corporations with complex integration needs. It also provides the flexibility and customization that such enterprises crave for.


Gartner has put Boomi as a leader in enterprise integration platform as a service for 6 consecutive years. Around more than 8000 companies depend fully on Boomi for their integration needs.

An intuitive and easy-to-use platform, Boomi, can create integrations faster and with much more security. The set of pre-built connectors it offers also helps to improve efficiency.

Deploying an integration platform like Boomi can be a resource and time-intensive process. With the expertise and technical finesse that BluEnt encompasses, you can get just the right guidance and support.

Our consultants can help assess your needs, choose the perfect solution and execute it in a way that meets your goals and objectives.

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