27 Jun 2022

Should You Implement SAP SuccessFactors in the HR Process?

This blog has been updated on - January 10, 2024

How do you triumph in the ever-aggressive "talent battle" being a hiring manager? To stay ahead in today's interconnected digital environment, you must always acquire the best people working to their maximum ability, and SAP SuccessFactors ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) can help you achieve that.

SuccessFactors is the best solution for enterprises and HRs looking for staff augmentation services, workforce planning, recruitment, performance, analytics, and management. It's a system that assists global businesses, both mid-size and large, in successfully administering their HR and payroll processes.

This blog will help you understand how SAP SuccessFactors can help you achieve that and why it is the right move for your business.

Understanding SAP SuccessFactors in HR

A successful business is a result of onboarding the right talents and engaging them to achieve collaborative growth. That involves custom HR systems harnessing the employee's skills through training and performance evaluation to ensure high productivity levels.

Companies are using technology and software consulting services to keep up with this swift evolution of novel technologies.

For a fantastic employee experience, businesses require a comprehensive HR solution like SAP SuccessFactors, a leading cloud-based management suite.

With a market share of 0.49% in the recruitment sector, SuccessFactors from SAP competes with over 436 software companies and tools for HR, such as LinkedIn, Adp, Indeed, Moodle, Canvas LMS, etc.

Top recruitment firms, staffing agencies, and HRs at growing organizations find SuccessFactors the most popular and lucrative suite since:

  • It saves them both time and money.

  • It helps teams identify impediments, understand their values, and drive them to do their best work.

  • It empowers HR to enhance company results via the best talent in the organization.

  • It helps recruiters approach top talent through systematic performance evaluation and data analytics services.

  • To streamline workforce management and productivity, it brings diverse SuccessFactors modules such as SAP Employee Central, Onboarding, Recruitment, Goals, and Performance.

Over 16,304 companies have started using this SAP HR management tool for applicant tracking in 2024, as per a survey by 6sense. Out of 3,438 recruitment companies using SAP and SuccessFactors, they are from mid to large-sized categories.

If you're an HR professional or a staffing solutions provider, you must invest in human capital management software from SAP for brilliant outcomes.

Let's take you through the most preferred modules from SAP consultants to help you gain clarity on how SAP SuccessFactors works.

Features of SAP SuccessFactors Modules for HR

These are a few features of SAP SuccessFactors that assist enterprises in organizing their workforce with a custom HR portal.

End-to-end Recruitment Solutions

It incorporates a broad set of selections and different data analytics tools for HR.

SAP consulting companies like BluEnt use the Employee Experience Management module for HR processes. The features of this module are:

  • Digital Workplace: One space for leave attendance management, tracking, performance monitoring, etc.

  • Candidate Experience: Real-time insights to identify candidate experience gaps in the hiring process.

  • Employee Engagement: Role-based time or employee activity tracking with custom reporting, dashboards, insights, and more.

  • Employee Lifecycle: Event-based triggers and advanced analytics of employee performance.

More Structured Onboarding System

The hired employees can access their essential data and documents through this feature.

SAP HCM modules introduced the best ways to manage a hybrid workforce during a pandemic. They enabled decision-makers and team managers to communicate more effectively with the appropriate team members through a virtual mode.

SuccessFactors and SAP modules outline the best-suited technology services for growing enterprises in the staffing and recruitment domain, from onboarding to talent management, payroll, HR analytics, and ROI review.

With proficient SAP consultants and data engineers, companies reduce the time to productivity and achieve goals sooner.

SuccessFactors Employee Central

This module is one of the most powerful modules in this system. SAP Employee Central can assist in managing all staff members from a single location.

It makes storing every employee's information, time tracking, attendance, payroll, talent data and self-services easier on the HR portal.

All-Exclusive Learning Management Solutions

This feature helps businesses to create a detailed SAP SuccessFactors learning strategy. It allows the employees to augment their skills and abilities.

The SuccessFactors app or web can access LMS and timesheet invoice management portals. It provides course suggestions to employers and the workforce, assisting them in selecting the best course for their growth.

Of course, other exclusive features include succession and development, workforce analytics, reporting, and performance and goals.

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Benefits of SAP SuccessFactors in HR Management

While the few features of the SAP SuccessFactors system give a perspective on how treasured it is for the organizations, let's dive into the layers of benefits.

Innovative HR Solutions

It offers cutting-edge HR strategies and solutions that allow the reevaluating and reorganizing of HR using intelligent services like machine learning and digital assistants.

  • SAP SuccessFactors is updated every quarter, and employers may take advantage of its novel and groundbreaking structures and capabilities through these automated releases.

  • It is simple to improve an organization's performance with these modern portal development tools for HR.

Streamlined User Experience

SAP SuccessFactors comes with an advanced, user-friendly interface that is well-liked and accepted and offers engaging experiences to all employees. It can be accessed from any location because it is a cloud-based service to boost workforce productivity using mobile app technology.

  • It engages the workforce successfully by assisting them in completing activities according to their preferences.

  • Employees can interact and communicate with one another. They can share information, expertise, and job ideas using these interfaces.

Flexible Deployment and Quicker Implementation

SAP SuccessFactors gives enterprises various deployment options, speedier implementation, and value recognition.

It seamlessly integrates with all SAP applications, allowing users to access data across the organization.

Dispensing Services in SaaS

SuccessFactors HCM uses the benefits of SaaS in cloud computing that allows the workforce to access services through the internet from any location.

  • Its human capital management software is available in a safe and highly scalable design.

  • This service does not necessitate any software installation or upkeep. Hence, there is a reduced cost on administration as well.

  • Employers only need to hire SAP consultants to utilize SaaS and efficiently operate their businesses by tailoring the software to their needs. Users may control their accounts, permissions, and fields, among other things.

Automated Compliance Management Processes

SAP SFSF production facilitates worldwide compliance using currencies, time zones, and custom fields specific to each geographic area.

Depending on local regulations, SAP SuccessFactors allows you to gather all the indispensable information from fresh recruits. Any new regulatory variations get automatically replicated in the system using business process automation.

Strategic Evaluations, Resolutions, and Decisions

SAP SuccessFactors is a distinctive system that delivers practical, action-oriented, and insightful workforce data.

  • Employers have been using these data insights to make improved and better decisions.

  • This results in enhanced employee satisfaction and experience, increasing productivity and revenue.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can HR analytics and workforce planning be used for business growth?

SAP SuccessFactors compiles a range of AI and data-driven modules for workforce analytics and planning.

Each module uses people's insights and recommendations to:

  • Derive key people metrics for decision-making.

  • Learn risks and opportunities based on the strengths and weaknesses of the workforce.

  • Refine HR and corporate strategy for accelerated growth.

  • Reduce costs and timeline in talent acquisition, engagement, and management.

SAP's Digital boardroom, analytics cloud, and workforce analytics are the essential products designed to meet the above requirements.

What are the drawbacks of SAP human capital Management software?

  • Like all technologies and software, SAP SuccessFactors has a few candid challenges and could be better. Before you decide whether to use this technology, basic knowledge of these hitches is significant.

  • SAP SuccessFactors has a high implementation cost. It is pricier than the competitors that offer similar features but at a lower cost. SuccessFactors sells, implements, and upholds the system through a third-party network, which might incur additional consultancy fees.

  • The program has so many capabilities and features that it can be time-consuming to master and isn't always as intuitive. They need to provide more online training and assistance.

  • Functionality is good, but customization can be complex. The system's limited add-ons can bind your capacity to link it to other software products.

  • The 'manager reports' feature in SAP SF is only accessible if you pay for it, and it does not come with exciting features for administration.

  • Companies with less than 2,000 workers are more likely to use a multi-vendor model since SuccessFactors does not offer core HR (payroll, benefits, and time).



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