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Unlock the power of data
you didn’t even know you had.

Valuable insights are the bedrock on which good decisions are built.

Modern enterprises are fueled by data. To achieve actionable insights and deliver better experiences, companies are increasingly investing in data analytics services.

BluEnt’s big data engineers and end-to-end consultants work with you to develop a sustainable strategy.

Data and Analytics Services

Analytics as a Service

Analytics as a Service

Subscription based in-cloud data analytics including personalised platform maintenance.

Data Analytics Implementation

Data Analytics Implementation

End-to-end consulting to achieve strategic data estate development enabling faster reporting, processing and improved cloud computing.

Data Management Services

Data Management Services

Speed up time to value while BluEnt takes care of building analytical capabilties.

Managed Data Analytics Services

Managed Data Analytics Services

Engineer data management frameworks to ensure compliance, uninterrupted governance and accelerate monetization.

Managed Data Analytics Services

Managed Data Analytics Services

Explore the road ahead of migration with BluEnt modernization best practices in AI and ML.

Data  visualization

Data Visualization

Reap real-time insights, discover business intelligence and use AI driven analytics to transform legacy processes into a double edged sword.

Unused data could be
money left on the table.

Optimize data flow & create high-quality, secure infrastructure. Extract important information and make better business decisions.

Manage risks, boost sales, deliver intelligent UX & enhance operational performance.

Benchmark financial performance, predict prospects’ response to marketing, identify defects in manufacturing, and much more.

Business data analytics

businesses are
limited by
volumes and
types of data.
Business data
analytics allows you
to gain meaningful
i nsights by
organizing data into
a unified and
accurate source.
How can insights translate into revenue
streams or process efficiencies? Tap into the
power of data to take your organization to
new heights.
big data

Companies using big data see an
average of 10% cost reduction &
8% profit increase

data collected

Up to 55% of data collected by
organizations is left unused

increase the revenue

A 10% increase in data usability
could increase the revenue of the
average Fortune 1000 company by
over 2 billion USD

Data-driven companies

Data-driven companies are 58%
more likely to exceed revenue
goals than their peers

The Power of
Advanced Analytics

Your company’s data cannot be mobilized if it’s low quality or fragmented. That’s where BluEnt steps in, ensuring that your

data is accessible, transparent and trustworthy so it can be used to optimize your processes.

There is no shortcut to success, but there is always an intelligent way of analyzing data.

Judging patterns is easier when the needle is in the right direction.

Differentiate yourself from your competition

We identify use cases for your business priorities. Boost your growth, performance and resilience with the power of data and analytics services.

Industries We Serve

Industries We Serve

From advanced data analytics to business intelligence
consulting, BluEnt offers a holistic data strategy with
customer success as the ultimate goal.

That’s why listening to
our clients and understanding their unique needs form the
foundation of our data analytics services.

Consult with a data analyst now.

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Discover how we’ve helped businesses across the world.

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