28 Jan 2021

Brilliant Tricks to Use Google Analytics for Websites & Online Success

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The web analytics market is projected to reach $15.73 billion by 2029, with a CAGR of 18.47%. It indicates that most businesses will continue prioritizing data analytics for their websites' performance.

From monitoring online Traffic to analyzing page views, user engagement, conversions, and sales, industry experts rely on advanced Google Analytics for websites for valuable metrics.

With a solid digital presence, Google Analytics helps businesses improve their marketing strategies and sales. It's one of the most reliable website analysis tools for digital marketing and brand value.

With the introduction of Google Analytics (GA) in 2005, attracting your target audience via online visibility has always been challenging.

Google Analytics provides valuable information in a simple freemium model. There are big reasons why marketing professionals around the globe adore the best features of Google Analytics for analytical reports and insights.

But before we jump into strategies, let's clear the basics.

What is Google Analytics for Websites?

Google Analytics for websites is a web analysis tool that helps businesses understand and optimize sites' data by measuring, collecting, reporting, and analyzing in real time.

It's one of the most helpful business analytics tools to track web traffic, engagement, conversions, and other valuable insights of the online platform.

Why is Google Analytics Crucial for Online Businesses?

Whether you are a corporate behemoth or a growing enterprise, you might spend an inordinate amount of money on marketing campaigns attracting the wrong audience. It means targeting customers who want something other than your products, services, or information.

To control the situation, Google Analytics for websites helps you understand the market. Let's assume you have an e-commerce portal of artifacts.

This website analysis tool helps you learn your customer's needs and behaviors through graphs and numbered metrics. It lets you study the behavior of your web visitors from various criteria.

It can be overwhelming for many beginners, with its plethora of information.

We have listed the most effective GA tactics for your company's growth to simplify the process and make the big data work for you around the clock.

Set Google Analytics Goals for Your Business

Google goals are the target the Google Analytics account holder sets as per their business success parameter.

Goals track how and when visitors complete the expected actions the business sets. Completion of the action is called conversion.

The Google Analytics report gives you the number and percentage of conversions, known as the conversion rate.

You can set a maximum of 20 goals per view. To create goals, you need to click on 'ADMIN.'

Google Analytics Admin

Then, in the 3rd column, click on 'Goals'.

Google Analytics Goals

You can create your goals here.

Create a Goal

You can also use the 'funnel' option, which helps you identify every step your buyer takes before reaching the final goal. With this, you understand your buyers better and can change your business according to their behavior.

Our Google Analytics consultants suggest that users be relevant to your business while setting goals and play a direct role in marketing strategies.

Invest in Business Analytics to Drive More Traffic, More Leads

Hire Data Engineers & Analysts

Psychographics and Demographics

These are integral parts of customer data analytics if you value quality leads.

Analysis of demographics and psychographics helps you determine what content you need to write – that is, what will help you get more leads.

The psychographic feature tells you about your customers' interests, lifestyles, and values, which will help increase conversions. Demographics give you a detailed report of your customers' age group and gender.

To analyze your website's demographic information, click 'AUDIENCE' -> Demographics -> Overview.

You should see the data in the simplified charts for AGE:


And, for gender:


Another tab provides geographical details, such as "Which country are they from?" or "What language do they speak?"

Analyze How the Audience Reached Your Website

The referral is a page that brings Traffic to your website. A Google Analytics traffic report provides vital information in driving a successful sales and marketing strategy using big data.

If, for example, someone clicks on your blog link on Facebook, which directs them to your website, then the URL of that post would be the referral.

Subsequently, the Google Analytics dashboard would track the bounce rate, the percentage of new visitors, and the average time visitors spend from the referral pages.

Path for the referral page: ACQUISITION -> All Traffic -> Referrals. Move down to the table, and you will find all the referral sites sending visitors to your site.

How Exactly Audience Has Reached You

You must be thinking: How does this help?

Let's assume that a popular blogging site featured your e-commerce product. That brings you many visitors who buy your product, which means conversion. Google Analytics for Business helps you read and understand your target audience from the featured blog.

For example: What type of content do people like? Are the images or the punch lines better? Should you invest in influencer marketing or endorsing famous bloggers' pages?

All these queries will be resolved using GA for eCommerce analytics.

Start Visualizing Data Efficiently to Monitor your Website Data & Performance

Get Data Visualization Services

Find the Right Keywords

SEO has 20 times more traffic opportunities than PPCs (Pay Per Clicks) on both desktop and mobile.

According to HubSpot, marketers use Google Search Analytics as the top SEO tool.

Your web content gets visibility on search engines with the right keywords embedded in your website. Sometimes, figuring out which keywords are ranking better can be challenging. At times, the most minor expected keywords bring in higher Traffic.

If you determine what works best for you, you can plan and strengthen your SEO strategy to get a higher conversion rate.

Google Keyword Planner allows you to find the right keywords for your business.

To look for the report, click on ACQUISITION -> Overview and scroll down to the table below.

Find the Right Keywords

You will see your goals' acquisition, behavior, and conversions through this data visualization analytics dashboard. Click on 'Organic Search' to see a table of keywords bringing in Traffic and the conversion rate.

However, the keyword data reports might not work because sometimes you see most keywords as (not provided).


Nonetheless, it gives you a clear idea of the terms (keywords) people use before reaching your website. That helps you identify the keywords already bringing in Traffic, and you can optimize those keywords for your business.

If you're overwhelmed by the process, our Google data analysts are available at your service.

Want to Optimize Your Website for Higher Traffic and Sales? Take Advantage of Google Data Analytics Services

Google Analytics for websites is an excellent starting point for your site's performance through real-time visualization and analysis. Practicing the above features will lead your business to tremendous success.

But what if you want to take it a step further? For brands like yours, there's BluEnt.

Our data solutions are value-engineered for every online business, achieving higher conversion rates and brand awareness. With web analytics tools like GA, our data analysts assist global brands and marketing heads analyze traffic and compare competitor conversions to help you redefine your sales and growth strategies.

With data engineering, data science, data visualization, and our other data analytics services, you can take advantage of our performance, sales, and growth analysis.

Contact us to implement advanced analytics in your sales and marketing strategy.

Visit our portfolio for more insights into our work and the clients we've served so far.



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