Service Oriented Architecture

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Increase the flexibility of your enterprise

You may not always correctly predict changing market conditions, but now you can at least be prepared. Service-oriented architecture (SOA) concepts are designed to achieve your vision of an agile enterprise, with a flexible IT infrastructure that enables your business to respond to market changes in the most efficient manner.

Nearly 70% of organizations say they will increase their use of SOA in order to increase efficiencies, and 46% of large enterprises utilize SOA for strategic business transformation. The BluEnt Service Oriented Architecture maturity model methodology helps users build composite applications that draw upon functionality from multiple sources within and beyond the enterprise to support horizontal business processes. This approach continues to turn the opportunity for today's competitive advantage into baseline tools to continue competing effectively in business tomorrow. With BluEnt’s SOA concepts, you can quickly adapt business processes, attract new customers, deliver core competencies to new customer segments, access expert services, reduce costs and focus on your core competencies.

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